Kelvin Nu~Melvin Hu'Elvin

Elf Ranger


HP 56
AC 15/15
Chaotic Good, 6-3 185lbs, Speed 35’
Ranger 5
STR 16/3
DEX 20/5
CON 16/3
INT 15/2
WIS 13/1
CHA 12/1


Keen Senses: Advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks
Fey Ancestry: Advantage on saving throws against being Charmed, cannot be put to sleep
Elven WP: Long & Short Bow, Long & Short Sword
Trance: 4 hours of trance instead of sleep
Mask of the Wild: You can attempt to hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist or other natural phenomena.
Fleet of Foot: ^5 speed


Tracking: You can spend 1 minute to track other creatures. You succeed automatically, except in the following circumstances:
~More than 24 hours have passed since the creature passed by.
~The creatures intentionally obscured their trail.
~Weather such as heavy rain or snow has obscured their trail.
~Terrain, such as a river or hard rock, makes discerning the trail difficult.
~Many creatures have traveled across the area: ie road or inner-city.
Within 100 radius you discern: direction, time of passing, number, size, age, arrangement of tracks, differences between separate groups.
Favored Enemy: Dragon Slayer
~Dragon Lore
~Hunter’s Volley: Once per turn you can make a second rapid ranged attack. It does not get to add the Dex bonus unless the creature is Large sized or greater. If you use this feature, all attack rolls against you take have advantage.
Fighting Style: ^1 on attack rolls for ranged attacks.
Spell Casting: 4x Level 1 & 2x Level 2 per day
Extra Attack: One Extra Attack action per turn.
Natural Explorer: While following a trail, you move at twice your normal speed. When you navigate, you and those with you cannot become lost. When you scout, you do so at twice your normal speed. When you forage, you automatically find one day’s worth of rations for yourself and up to 10 others and all the mounts, unless the region is unusually desolate.

SPELLS: (DC 9 to save against)

Goodberries: Each berry = 1hp
Hail of Thorns: Dex saving throw (half if success) or take 1d10 piercing from thorns on successful ranged attack with normal weapon.
Fog Cloud: 20’ radius cloud centered on a point in range. Up to 1 hr or wind disperses it.


Feral Blade of Melvin-Hu-Elvin ~ Short Sword ~ ^3 attack ~ 1d6 slashing, 3lbs, 2150 gp ~ Song Craft: “Back in Black” → sing along gives 1d4 on damage roll
Orc Bone Bow ~ Long Bow ~ ^6 attack ~ 3d6 piercing
Orccleaver ~ +3 to hit, 1d12 +2 ~ Reach 1 ~ a magical halberd said to be imbued with the spirit of the halfling warlord Elianth, who vanished in the Lost Crypts of Chaos.


Archery Master



Kelvin Nu~Melvin Hu'Elvin

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