Ibn Al-Khwilboh

Tiefling Dark Paladin



HP 58
AC 21/11
Lawful-Evil, 6-1 230lbs
Paladin 5 – Diety – Tengri
STR 16/ 3
DEX 13/ 1
CON 16/ 3
INT 16/ 3
WIS 14/ 2
CHA 17/ 3


Low-Light Vision – You can see in dim light as well as you do in normal light.
Hellish Resistance – You have resistance to fire damage.
Infernal Wrath – When you’re not at full hit points, you can draw on a diabolical fury to make your attack or spell more potent. When you make an attack with Infernal Wrath, you have advantage on the attack roll. When you cast a spell with it and the spell requires a saving throw, targets of the spell have disadvantage on their saving throws against the spell’s effects. After you use this trait, you can’t do so again until you have completed a short rest or a long rest.


Divine Sense – As an action, you can open your awareness to the divine. Until the end of your next turn, you know the location of any celestial, fiend, or undead creature within 50 feet of you, regardless of any intervening obstacles. Within the same radius, you also detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated.
Lay on Hands
Your blessed touch can heal wounds. You have a pool of healing power that replenishes when you take a long rest. With that pool, you can restore a total number of hit points equal to your paladin level times 5 (20HP).
As an action, you can touch a creature and draw power from the pool to restore any number of hit points to that creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in your pool.
Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from your healing pool to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. You can cure multiple diseases and neutralize multiple poisons with a single use of lay on Hands, expending HP separately for each one.
This feature has no effect on an undead creature or a construct.
Divine Smite
When you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can expend one paladin spell slot to smite, dealing extra damage. The extra damage is 2d8 for a first level spell, plus 1d8 for each spell level higher than first. If the creature is Undead or a Fiend, the damage increase by 1d8.
The extra damage is necrotic.
Fighting Style
Defense – When wearing armor, ^1 AC extra.
Divine Health
Immune to disease.
Oath of Erlik
Curse of Shayngay Han – cast on target “Cause Fear” 1/day
Soul of Matyr Han : ^2 attack & damage for 3 rounds 1/day
Extra Attack

SPELLS (DC 11 to save against)

Chill touch: Melee Attack ^3, 1d8 Necrotic (^1d8 for each high spell slot) DNW on Undead & Constructs.
Demand: Wisdom save throw on target, disadvantage to attack anyone but you. If you’re more than 25’ away or attack anyone but the targeted creature, spell ends. DNW on Undead & Constructs.
Inflict wounds: Target makes a Con save. 3d8 Necrotic damage on fail, half on save. Higher levels ^1d8. DNW on Undead & Constructs.
Searing Smite: On melee hit, weapons flares white hot & deals ^1d6 fire. Target must make Con save or else keep taking 1d6 damage per turn. (^1d6 at higher spell slot)


Helmet of Yabash Han ^5 to intimidate non-evil
Bands of Komur Han ^2 to Stealth against non-evil
Feet of Tengri ^1 AC
Sword of Karash Han 3 attack 2d8^2 Slashing
Cast “Darkness” on strike 2/day
Bear’s Soul Shield (^2 AC)
Unholy Symbol: Roaring Bear Cause Fear 1/day


Shield Master
Tactical Warrior
Forbidden & Planar Lore
Perception, Search & Stealth


Ibn Al-Khwilboh

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