Halforc Ranger


HP 50
AC 14/13
Chaotic Neutral, Speed 30’
Ranger 5
STR 17/3
DEX 16/3
CON 14/2
INT 11/0
WIS 12/1
CHA 13/1


Menacing: Advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks


Tracking: You can spend 1 minute to track other creatures. You succeed automatically, except in the following circumstances:
~More than 24 hours have passed since the creature passed by.
~The creatures intentionally obscured their trail.
~Weather such as heavy rain or snow has obscured their trail.
~Terrain, such as a river or hard rock, makes discerning the trail difficult.
~Many creatures have traveled across the area: ie road or inner-city.
Within 100 radius you discern: direction, time of passing, number, size, age, arrangement of tracks, differences between separate groups.
Favored Enemy: Horde Breaker
~Hordeslayer – When you damage a creature on your turn with a weapon attack, you deal 1d8 extra damage to each other creature you damage later in the same turn.
Fighting Style: When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack.
Spell Casting: 4x Level 1 & 2x Level 2 per day
Extra Attack: One Extra Attack action per turn.
Natural Explorer: While following a trail, you move at twice your normal speed. When you navigate, you and those with you cannot become lost. When you scout, you do so at twice your normal speed. When you forage, you automatically find one day’s worth of rations for yourself and up to 10 others and all the mounts, unless the region is unusually desolate.

SPELLS: (DC 9 to save against)
Per Diem: 4 / 2

Cure Wounds
Hunter’s Mark
Pass without Trace
Spike Growth


2x Hand Crossbow – ^4 attack, 1d6 piercing
2x Seljuk Scimitar – ^4 attack, 1d6+1 slashing
Sublime Wrath ~ +4 to hit, 2 handed, 2d8 +1, a masterwork greatsword engraved with runes of death. It was taken from the hoard of the dragon Enailit.


Dual Wielder ^1 AC while wielding a different weapon in each hand,
Charger ^5 extra damage, ^5 on STR check to move target 10’



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