Drow Shifter-Stalker


HP 49
AC 15/13
Chaotic Neutral, 6-1 175lbs, Speed 30’
Druid 3, Rouge 3
STR 15/2
DEX 16/3
CON 13/1
INT 13/1
WIS 18/4
CHA 14/2


Keen Senses You have advantage on Wisdom checks, except in sunlight.
Sunlight Sensitivity You have disadvantage on Wis & Int checks that involve sight.
Fey Ancestry Advantage on checks against being charmed, cannot be magically put to sleep.
Lolth Touched You can once a day cast Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire & Darkness – DC 10 save
Trance 4 hours of meditation instead of sleep.

Spellcasting DC 12
Wolf AC 13, Speed 50
Keen Senses: +5 to all checks to detect hidden creatures
Bite +7 to attack, 1D8
Druid Circle Circles of the Land
Mountains Spells: Spider Climb & Spike Growth
Expertise +5 bonus to disguise kit, thieves kit, acrobatics & stealth
Proficiency Bonus +2
Sneak Attack +1D6 when beside or behind target
Cunning Action Second action in turn but only to disengage, hide or hustle
Thieve’s Cant Speak the tricksy language of thieves
Rouge Style Assassination
Assassinate – You have advantage immediate after initiative on anyone who goes at a lower level than you do. You auto-crit if you hit a surprised creature & if used as Sneak Attack add max damage for that
Bonus Proficiency – Disguise & Poisons

SPELLS: (DC 12 to save against) Per Diem: 3/1, Proficiency Bonus of +4 with staff

Cantrips: Shillelagh & Fire Seeds

1st Level: Cure Wounds, Entangle & Thunderwave
Also, these are from your race: Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire and do not count against your daily spells

2nd Level: Flaming Sphere
Also, this is from your race: Darkness and does not count against your daily spells


Gold Dragon Hide Armor – AC 12 + Dex & Grants Fire Resistance

Amulet of the Dance – 1/Day cast Freedom of Movement

Staff of Magic Missiles – 7 charges – as an action, you can use up to 3 charges 1D4+1. The staff gains 1D6+1 charges per day. When the last charge is used, roll 1D20 – on a 1, the staff blackens and crumbles to dust. Staff has a long cord by which it can be slung over one’s shoulder.
Staff melee: + 2 to hit, 1d8 +1 bludgeoning damage.

Boots of the Forest – Grants advantage on all Dex (Move Silently) rolls

Spider Teeth – Serrated Dagger – 1d6 + 1d4 ongoing poison damage (save ends)



Prophecy: “The High One Falls…”
In a prophetic vision, the high priest of your people saw you slay the ruler of your land. Your possible future act against the person, who many believe descended from the gods, caused you to be branded a traitor. So you fled your home, narrowly escaping capture and execution. Now mercenaries and bounty hunters stalk you wherever you go with cunning traps and ambushes, each desperate to claim the royal price on your head or to protect the sovereign from harm. Did you love or hate this ruler? Was the priest’s prophecy likely to come true, or were you framed? Will the path you take help to avoid this destiny or cause it to come true?


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