Veligrad - The Search

Wither shall we go?

Dragomir answers the door to find his old acquaintance, Ibn Al-Khwilboh, standing on the stoop. The drow eyes the stragglers behind him with a baleful eye. Only nominally gingerly, the half-orc prods the group into the small one room hovel. Howie spends no time jumping into the difficult qustions, “So… Why is she after you? How long have you lived here…” He interrogates Dragomir for about 20 minutes only to realize that Dragomir has merely lived the life of a vagabond, constantly on the move trying to stay one step ahead of Juliana, the High Priestess of his people. Her prophecy has made him an outlaw and the scorn of his whole people. Dragomir goes on to explain how he is tied to her on a psychological & almost telepathic plane. He also explains that he believes these wolves are after him. Again.

After a few more minutes of talking, The Gresh gets restless. He hefts his scimitars, stares at Galstaff and growls, “You gonna make yourself useful? Let’s get him,” as he thrusts his thumb over his shoulder indicating the drow, “OUTTA HERE.” The two of them decide that they could try to use The Gresh’s wily ways of the forest to sneak away. Dragomir begrudgingly accedes to their idea and explains where to try and find Juliana.

“There is a building on Saint George’s Island that has her aura all over it. When she’s in town, that is her… stop-over. She’ll be there if she’s here.”


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