Veligrad - Na Dedine - Three Rooms

Below the Surface, Below the Belt

At the door, Kelvin, Gresh, Ibn and Khorin stared into the room at the abomination before them. Galstaff races his hands into pouches as he grabs bits of components. “Time! Give me just a second…” he mutters as he sees Ibn walk in and swipe at the Death Knight. The melee begins as Kelvin prepares to flash his arrows into the scene.

Khorin lifts high his emblem of The Maker. “You, vile torturer of Abyss, are hereby banished. Flee from the one who brings Order from the chaos, Mastery from the void and Hope to those in darkness.” In the sight of the symbol, the evil knight begins to try to strain and struggle for mastery, but the light emanating from the holy sign drives him back and into a corner where his wailing begins to cause a ruckus that threatened to bring the ceiling down.

But, with rising power and pitch, a laughter, as of crackling embers, blew open a wall and revealed a Fire Devil. The foul pit spawn gnashes his mandibles and screeches at the company. Gresh says again, “Where is our bear?” as he prepares for another round of fighting.

The battle continues for what seems like an eternity as the team works to destroy their foes. Each trying to do his part to aid the whole. Galstaff casts minor illusions to fool the devil and distract it. Khorin does his best to keep the party together and the Death Knight at bay. Arrows fly, wounds are given and taken, until suddenly a bellowing down the hallway sounds of rumbling feet…

Vladislav thunders into the chamber wielding his Ice Cleaver. With a roar of primal fury, he takes down the Fire Devil. Then a rumble of another form comes as another wall is busted through and a Frost Giant thunders into the chamber. Kelvin’s new fire arrows help to dispatch the new threat and as the company clears the room. As the dust settles, they send the Beorning, Vladislav, into the next room.

He looks around the corner, only to see the necromancer, Juliana, standing chuckling at these warriors. Her demeanor is, as always, mocking and as she vanishes, she summons in her stead a Metal Monstrosity.

A tremendous fight ensues, but in the end, merely a heap of gears and springs are all that remain of the Iron Golem.


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